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Girl Healed of Terminal Cancer Testimony

What follows is taken from an email the Clarks received from the Pastor of Josue Church in Managua.

This is the little girl healed of terminal cancer in the Josue Christian Church in Las Brisas Managua, Nicaragua, three years ago. Her name is Maria Alejandra Ramirez, her mother name's Marisol Salazar, her father name's William Ramirez and her grandmother name's Ailia Suarez. The little girl was feeling a little of pain in her stomach, so her mother took her to the hospital where the doctors examined her and they said that the pain that she had was (in Spanish Calculos en la vesicula), so they decide to operate in an emergency.


When they opened her, in the operation they saw that she had terminal cancer in all her stomach and (viceras), so in the end they decided to close her, and they didn't give her hope. They told her family they gave her 72 hours of life. Her mother knew that in the Josue Church in Las Brisas where some missionaries speak, they pray for sickness (people there in attendance were sick) and that God was healing those people. In the hospital the doctors put away the little girl from her family, because they suppose that she was going to die. So for that reason her mother took a little dress from her child so that our brothers Richard and Jo Ann to pray over it . So our brothers put the dress on the altar and lay hands over it and prayed, ordering the cancer away in the name of JESUS, and also our brothers give her a little piece of cloth (an anointed prayer cloth).

So her mother ran fast to the hospital with the dress of the little girl and put the piece of cloth on her forehead. The next day the miracle was confirmed.  Maria woke up and asked for food saying she was hungry.  The doctors examined her and declared her to be cancer free and sent Maria home!

Today (June 2007) the little girl is six years old.  It has been three years from that day, and she was healed because God rewarded the faith of her mother.  We glory our God and Lord for this miracle that has been confirmed and for the great job of the missionaries Richard and Jo Ann Clark, and also for blessing our Josue Church in our country, Nicaragua.