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Meet Javier

We first met Javier in 2006 at a very rustic church in the small city of El Viejo, Nicaragua. His story was heart-breaking. When Javier was a little boy, he was playing with his brother who was swinging a steel pipe. Javier was accidentally hit in the head. His injuries were severe, and he lost one of his eyes. Since that time, he has suffered with excruciating head pain and depression.

On the night of this church service, Javier was brought to us for ministry.  His mother stated he was in such great pain that he was contemplating killing himself.  The photo on the right below shows our ministry to him.  Other photos show Javier testifying to what God did on that night.  First, Javier received Jesus as Lord!  Then, he stated that all the pain in his head left him.  By the time we left that church in El Viejo, Javier was smiling and giving God the glory for His mercy and grace.

The picture on the left was taken in April 2009.  The report on Javier remains good.  His mother said everything has changed since that night in 2006!  He is now married and has a toddler.  He leads praise singing in the church, and as you can tell, Javier looks great!  He is a true testimony of a life changed by the power of God.  And we thank Him for what He has done!