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Esperanza’s Miracle

Our first trip to Nicaragua was in 2001. And on this trip, one of the most amazing miracles we have ever witnessed took place.

In a dark street, we met a lady named Esperanza (Hope in English). She invited us and the rest of the mission team into her home. She asked us to pray for her little girl named Mariel, age 8. Mariel was very sick, had undergone chemotherapy, and was bed-ridden. She had been diagnosed with 3 types of cancer in her female organs. The doctors had given Esperanza very little hope for her child. As we knelt and laid hands on the little girl, we took authority over the cancer in the name of Jesus and cast it out. Within minutes, the little girl got out of bed and joined us for a photo. The power of God touched her body and strengthened her.

But our ministry was not over. Esperanza, weeping, began to share that she was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. So again, we laid hands on her and cast out the cancer in the name of Jesus. Through our visit, we learned there were two older daughters, one also being diagnosed with breast cancer, and the other was scheduled to be tested for breast cancer. We were able to pray for all the girls, and we had a great time with this family. We sang praises, anointed the house, and took back from the enemy the life and hope he was trying to steal from this family.


At the end of this time, Esperanza shared a vision she had a month before. She was fasting and awoke to a vision from God. In the vision, she saw a non-Spanish speaking team come into her home, examine her, and state that she had no cancer. From that moment, she got up and declared her household would be healed. She waited, and on that dark night our team was in her neighborhood, she took a step of faith and called out to us.

Esperanza and Family

A year passed. We returned to Nicaragua and visited Esperanza’s family. Her sickly little girl had turned full circle. She was rosy, a bit chubby, and had shoulder-length shiny black hair. Esperanza began sharing the story of healing for her whole family. She talked of that miraculous night when our team visited the family and began speaking life words over each one. She eloquently gave God the glory. And we later obtained medical records to confirm the healings.

We have inquired about Esperanza through the years, and the reports are cancer-free. She has since moved to Miami to be with her husband who has been working in the states for years. We are grateful for this “chance” meeting with an amazing woman who didn’t give up and believed in the power of a healing God.