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Blind Maria

She was Once Blind

This is Maria from the 15th of July community near Chinandega. In September 2009, we met her while teaching a healing seminar in Pastora Antonia Zelaya´s church. After the seminar, Maria asked us to pray for her . . . she was blind. Her eyes were glazed over and wherever she went, her brother had to guide her. We simply followed the example of Jesus and Peter . . . commanded the blindness to go in the Name of Jesus and spoke healing into her eyes. Nothing happened. The next day, while teaching in another city, we were told Maria got her sight back 2 hours after we left! A young teacher who was connected to Pastora Antonia told us how excited everyone was.

To seal the story of healing, we actually met with Maria in July 2012. Her eyes were clear and she was walking by herself! She praised God for His healing mercy and thanked us for praying for her. She told us she had been praying for us every day and was so joyous to actually see what we looked like. Lord, may we never doubt the healing power you make available through all believers. Thank you, Jesus!